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Week starting on 3-Feb-2019

Saturday 9th february:
The heavy wind and rain has now died down, we are down to one van till our new van comes next week. All the waste straw has to go away, we need a trip to the dump, food for pups, veg and a trip to the vets for passports. We will hunt a few pups, get boxes and beds ready for broods to have pups and that will probably be as much as we can do today. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD TWO WINNERS AT ROMFORD SWIFT DARTMOOR AND SWIFT BULLET. TONIGHT WE HAVE THREE RUNNERS AT CRAYFORD SWIFT TARQUIN, SWIFT DANIELLE AND SWIFT LIBBY.

Friday 8th february:
The weather is very rough to put it mildly very windy and rainy. If there is a break in the weather we might hunt a few pups but its going to be a difficult day. The silver van has come to the end of its life so il be trading that in with a scrappage deal as early as possible, the dog transport lads were telling me this morning that most of the ferries are off and the traffic in england yesterday was horrendous. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE FOUR RUNNERS AT ROMFORD SWIFT DARTMOOR, SWIFT JIM, SWIFT BULLET AND SWIFT SABBATH.

Thursday 7th february:
A nice bright february morning and not too cold. The main job today is hunting pups which will take all day, we need bagged milk so i might go for that and i have bits and pieces of paperwork to do. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS AT HOVE SWIFT BRILLO AND SWIFT ANUBIS.

Wednesday 6th of february:
A dry morning and not to cold for february and a busy day, we have hounds going to the uk with ross myles and pat o hare, we need our waste straw away and we need a trip to the dump as ever there is loads of supplies needed and we also need pet passports updated. At the kennels we will hunt a few pups and probably gallop. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE 2 RUNNERS AT HARLOW OH ARMANI AND OH YESYESYES.

Tuesday 5th of february:
A lot milder today and the main job is trialling at newbridge and we will not be able to do much more other than everyday jobs, cleaning, cooking and letting dogs in and out of kennels to clean themselves plus feeding. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD ONE WINNER AT NOTTINGHAM WOKEEN. TONIGHT WE HAVE ONE RUNNER AT SHEFFIELD SWIFT AFFINITY.

Monday 4th february:
A wet but mild start to the morning. Today we will clean kennels, cooking, feed up and let dogs in and out of the sand runs. We have waste straw to take away, straw to bag, swap dogs from garden to field runs and a massive tidy up around the yard. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE SEVEN RUNNERS AT NOTTINGHAM NIDDERDALE LARK, COLLSWOOD HAWK, POINTLESS PEARL, GRUMPY TINKER, WOKEEN, SWIFT TAXMAN AND SWIFT BRICKET.

Sunday 3rd february:
Today is a typical sunday, it has rained all day so we will clean kennels, cook, feed and let dogs in and out of the undercover sand runs. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD ONE WINNER AT CENTRAL PARK JILLYPOPS.