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Week starting on 2-Dec-2018

Saturday 8th december:
All the work is going well and today is another busy day. We have our waste to go away, we have dogs to gallop and pups to hunt. We will continue on levelling out our letting out paddocks and that will be as much as we can do today. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD 2 WINNERS AT ROMFORD SWIFT TARQUIN AND UNION PRIDE. TONIGHT WE HAVE 6 RUNNERS AT CRAYFORD SWIFT ABSOLOS, SWIFT LIBBY, SWIFT CASEY AND SWIFT MUZZLE. AT MONMORE WE HAVE ONE RUNNER SWIFT BARBIE AND AT SWINDON WE ALSO HAVE ONE RUNNER NIDDERDALE SNIPE.
Friday 7th december:
The forecast is terrible and the ferries are off to the uk but its overcast and not a bad morning. It will be a busy day and we will not get it all done, we have more preparation work to do with our september and october sapplings 2017s. We are levelling our paddocks out and we have straw to bag and we are down to one van as the heater radiator has gone in the white van. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD ONE WINNER BRAMBLE MILBURN, TONIGHT AT ROMFORD WE HAVE 3 RUNNERS SWIFT TARQUIN, OH ARMANI AND UNION PRIDE
Thursday 6th december:
An overcast morning and hopefully it stays dry for the main job of the day trialling at newbridge. Our bagged milk powder arrived so we have packed that away. We will give our small gardens the last tidy up of the year and that will be as much as we can do today. Newcastle got a point last night at everton which will help us stay in the premiership for another year as it looks like its any three from the bottom seven for relegation. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE 3 RUNNERS AT NEWCASTLE BRAMBLE MILBURN, AT HOVE OH YESYESYES AND SWIFT DANIELLE.
Wednesday 5th december:
We have had heavy rain once again overnight but it looks like it will stop as we do the journal at 7.30 am. So the plans for today are all our waste away as ever there is stuff to collect, we didnt do any preparation work with september/october 2017 sapplings which we will try and do today but we got a major swap around with pups, sapplings and dogs ready for schooling done yesterday. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE ONE RUNNER AT HARLOW POINTLESS PRAISE.
Tuesday 4th december:
We got up to frost today but its not to heavy so with a bit of luck it will clear early and we will be able to do more preparation work with our september/october sapplings 2017s ready for schooling. Kamil is away for more fish and i have to go to brian jones(vets) to get the dogs checked that are schooling so another busy day. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE 1 RUNNER AT SHEFFIELD SWIFT AFFINITY.
Monday 3rd december:
We have had another night of heavy rain and we do the journal at 7am its still raining so it will limit the work we can do today, we have a bit of maintenance work to do and we will continue on preparing saplings for schooling From our september and october 2017 litters. As ever we need supplies which we will also collect. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE 3 RUNNERS AT NOTTINGHAM HAGGSWOOD RIVER, SWIFT TAXMAN AND WOKEEN.
Sunday 2nd december:
The start of another busy week but all going well. The plans today is more preparation work getting dogs ready for schooling which will take all day. With a bit of luck we will get the vans washed and tidied up and other than that we will try do a bit of preparation work for this week coming. Newcastle united after there 3 great victorys are back to square one and definitely gonna be a long hard season. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAVE 4 RUNNERS SWIFT JIM AND POINTLESS PEARL AT HENLOW. NIDDERDALE LARK AND NIDDERDALE SNIPE AT SWINDON.

We are doing the journal late as its being a hectic sunday and a typical sunday were we cook, clean and feed and let dogs out that are kenneled up and we also sold greyhound products and i had to do deliverys as i was let down by connor who begged us for an extra day with it being christmas after i got him out of bed at 6:20 am he didnt turn up and turned the phone off and then rewrote the excuse books at dinner time with what went wrong but luckilly i have still got some friends and got a hand off one of them as padgie was also off and again luckilly i have got some cracking lads who did everything right when i was away. My next job is to watch newcastle united on the tv lets hope we can get a win. ON THE OPEN RACE SCENE IN THE UK WE HAD 2 WINNERS LAST NIGHT AT CRAYFORD SWIFT ABSOLOS AND SWIFT CASEY, TODAY WE HAVE TWO RUNNERS AT HENLOW SWIFT BYRON AND SWIFT JIM.